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Updated 2023-2-6

I am studying Master of Science in Information Networking at Carnegie Mellon University. My concentration is on systems development, especially Databases Design and Distributed System Applications.

Updated 2021-12-26

I am an undergraduate at the University of Hong Kong (HKU), major in Computer Science, minor in Statistics and Finance. My initial enthusiasm for computer science derived from my thinking about life value in high school when the headteacher said that a person’s value is usually measured by the number of people he/she can serve. Those IT legends’ stories motivated me to step into the field of Computer Science. Here at HKU, I experienced a significant period of exploring different realms of Computer Science. During the first two years, I tried my best to study embedded systems and data science in various competitions. Then my attempts extended to areas of web development, open-source library development, and Natural Language Processing through considerable projects. Such immersed explorations provided me with the big picture of each area and comprehensive understanding of computer science.



更新于 2023-2-6


更新于 2021-12-26